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Composite Veneers

In this method the form, color and position of your teeth in your mouth will be reformed. The advantage of this method is that your teeth will not be shaped or in the case of requirement, they will receive the least amount of shaping process in order to preserve your teeth structure, form your ideal smile design.

Ceramic Laminates

Gum Line Contouring

These days Smile beauty is not only about teeth but also the beauty of the composition of gum and teeth is considered. We offer Gum Line Contouring services in Dr, Majdabadi Clinic by the use of both Dental Electosurgury and Laser methods. Both these methods are painless and without bleeding and require no suture at the end. Performing these treatments has an impressive effect on the harmony of your smile.

Root Canal Therapy

There are various reason to consider a tooth in need of Root Canal Treatment. Deep dental decay, stroke on the tooth, vast older filled teeth, cracks, toothache and etc are possible reasons for Root Canal Treatment. It is interesting that painful tooth is not always a sign of patients need to Root Canal Treatment and there are cases in which Dentist performs Root Canal Treatment on a tooth with no feeling of pain. Root Canal Treatment are performed by the use of Rotary Canal Devices which leads to improvement in quality levels of treatment and patients ease.

Types of Crowns

Until last few years, performing Crowning Procedure meant to visit your dentist for 3 or 4 sessions to get through!!! The performed crown needed to be checked every session and sent to Dentistry laboratory to be prepared for the next step of the procedure.

New discoveries in this area proposed a new device, named CAD-CAM. CAD-CAM is a high-tech digital technology which constructs (prints) 3D Objects. On-day procedure Crowns are produced by this device for patients and travelers to overseas or those people who are too busy to go to Dentists’ office for several time. Peris Smile Design Clinic offers all required treatments for those busy people, in a crash course by postponing all other activities of the clinic and perfuming the entire procedure only in one day. The procedure includes steps in which, the tooth which needed to be crowned, would be scanned with a high-tech device and the output will be several photos from various points of views. These photos will be transferred to CAD-CAM device and the dentist starts to design the ideal 3D model for the crown virtually, and then prints out the crown in the office. All along this period of time, the patient can sit back and watch his tooth crown is being construct, drinking a cup of coffee! The interesting point is that the produced crown by this device will be possess a great deal of precision due to the precision of the device and all the procedure of design, construction and sticking the crown will be held in a session and less than 2 hours.

Dental Implants

All Dental Services would be presented in this Clinic in addition to Cosmetic smile Design services including, Teeth Color Repair, Dental Crown such as Full Ceramic and/or Zirconia Crown and Root Canal Treatment via Rotart Canal Treatment Device and etc.

Dental implants are long considered as a proper replacement for missing teeth. The latest innovation in this area is one day implant procedure which enables us to perform the Crowning procedure within a week after implant surgery in order to cover the teeth with beautiful and strengthened crowns. This means the void space between the patients’ teeth will be replaced with proper crown up to a week after the surgery. New researches suggest that the short intervals between the surgery and crowning procedure due to this method, has positive effects on the quality of bones supporting the implants. It also helps gum around the implants look more normal and beautiful. It means you would not need to wait for several months to have the bone attached to the implant and be ready for Crowning procedure. Producing the same beauty as well as the real teeth, These Crowns are temporary and they will be replaced with the main ones in 3-4 months. There are even newer methods by which it would be possible to install the main crowns immediately after surgery. The possibly of performing these latest methods will be determined by the dentist after CTSCAN test preceding the surgery. Requiring latest and more expensive technology and a team of specialists simultaneously, makes this method more expensive than the former methods.

Dental Sealant

Fresh molar teeth in six year old kids and older are strongly talented to decay. These teeth contain grooves that will not get clear enough even after brushing and consequently decay the entire tooth. Nowadays they suggest to use Fissure Sealant Treatment, coating the grooves, to avoid this problem. In this method, molar teeth are not shaped, instead; grooves of molar teeth are sealed with a specific substance that prevents them from decaying.

Teeth Bleaching (Whitening)

There are two different method for tooth breaching.

First method: tooth breaching at home. This method is effective, inexpensive and economical and painless and teeth will be breached for 2 or 3 degrees in 3 weeks.

Second Method: it will be done at the office and by the use of Laser or Zoom Advance Devices in one session and 2 hours. It would be beneficial to know that both two mentioned methods are harmless to your teeth and won’t injure the enamel in your teeth.

In both methods breaching gels will be used to release oxygen over the surface of your teeth. The security of these two methods to your teeth has been approved by American Dental Association (ADA).

Laser Dentistry

Unfortunately, there are only a few Dentistry offices in Iran, offering Laser Dentistry services. The method is used in Gum Line Contouring. A beautiful, journalistic smile is not only dependent on beauty of the teeth, therefore the Gum Line Contouring is impressively effective on the beauty of your smile. For many people, smiling displays their gum line along with their teeth (gummy smile). These people possess short and small set of teeth. We suggest them Gum Line Contouring by laser dentistry. Teeth will be a size bigger at the end and make a great harmony between the teeth and gum line. This method is painless and there would be no bleeding. It doesn’t require suture or dressing. Beside the advantage of painless and bleeding free process in this method, you will have a much more eye-catching smile, even without touching your teeth. Laser dentistry is also used for teeth bleaching.

Diagnodent Laser

Diagnodent Laser is a brand new and unique device to diagnose and determine different levels of decay in teeth. This tiny but super high-tech device scans teeth in all aspects, by a harmless laser ray and diagnoses decay in teeth which are mostly concealed from dentists’ perspective. This incomparable tool is able to determine the levels and depth of decay in your teeth and the amount of repair they need. Fixing this small size decays, provides the possibility to prevent them from spreading all through the teeth which means invisible decays will be fixed along with the visible ones.

Pediatric Dentistry

We have definitely experienced that the reason for most people who scare the dentistry, reflects an awful memory in their childhood. Indeed, Pediatric Dentistry is a time consuming and hard process and demands a great amount of patience and time. Our goal in Dr. Majabadi’s Clinic is not only to present the best treatment services to children, but also to create the best possible memory for your child. By utilizing the best children communication techniques, playing his most favorite animated pictures and providing the happiest atmosphere according to your kid’s interests and taste, we will help your children to have his friendliest relationship with their dentist.